10 Old Rules To Help You Create An Impressive Academic Paper

It is always helpful to revisit the basics when tackling a mammoth task such as creating an academic paper. Sometimes, we can lose sight of the fundamentals in pursuit of the grandness of a certain thing; however, it is the fundamentals that lead to your success. In this article, we will discuss the 10 old rules to creating an impressive academic essay.


An old rule that many students simply ignore is to plan your work. Your plan is a great blueprint of your writing, and you can use it as a helpful reference point when composing your paper. Your plan should consist of the key points you aim to make in your writing, and it should describe how you will accomplish getting your point across to your reader.


The structure of an academic paper differs from your typical college essay. There are many different sub sections, which are as follows:

  • Introduction: In the introduction, you make your thesis statement and tell the reader about the topic you will be discussing.
  • Literature Review: In this section, you review the latest and most important research concerning your topic.
  • Methodology: Here, you will analyze the methods you will employ for your research.
  • Results: This section details the results you have obtained from your research.
  • Analysis: Here you perform an analysis on your results
  • Conclusion: You state whether or not your thesis hypothesis has been satisfied.


Another extremely important aspect of paper writing, which is ignored by many students, is editing. Once you have finished you paper, you should go back and check for any spelling or grammar mistakes. These are usually frowned upon and can affect your final grade. Do not let something as simple as bad spelling affect your chances.

Those were some of the most basic rules that we feel students tend to not consider that important. However, here are some other old rules that you should keep in mind:

  • Do not be distracted while writing your paper
  • Write your paper in a quite environment where you will not be disturbed
  • Use your university’s library to make use of all resources
  • Ask your teacher for any help if you need it
  • Share your ideas with your fellow classmates
  • Check online journals for the latest research on your topic
  • Hand in your work before the deadline for further drafts

If you follow these 10 basic rules, then you should have no problem in securing a good mark for your academic paper.

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